I feel like all I’ve done my whole life is fail to varying degrees

as a friend, as a partner, as a member of society, as myself

will anything have been made better by me in the end? Like really?

Those (thankfully) few radical feminists – or more accurately, lesbian elitists – who imply straight women should simply refrain from dating because het relationships “contribute” to female oppression/patriarchy – y’all need to shut the fucking hell up. Are you fucking kidding me? People deserve the chance to pursue love and a fulfilling relationship. If a straight woman finds a good man and falls in love, how DARE you imply that she shouldn’t be allowed to be happy. How dare you alienate and shame straight radfems for their orientation. That is some disgusting bullshit – even worse than the biphobia in this community. I’m a radical feminist too and I hate 99.99% of men as much as you but even I’m not that elitist. Jesus Christ, you should be ashamed.

The absolute most amazing sticker at Liza’s Kitchen.

Wife’s first visit to The Truman Show house and our future retirement town Seaside! ???

Most amazing English words Foreign Wife has forgotten/revised this month:

– munchkins (meant chipmunks)

– corn whales (meant narwahls. unicorn + whale)

That is all, thank you