Vacation Bible School… three words that should never exist in the same sentence.

View from the hotel in Wife’s hometown, Atibaia. ⛰??

Driving around São Paulo is like trying to say the alphabet backwards drunk while people yell random letters at you

No more overnight flights ever, I proclaimed – but look at this sunrise over São Paulo yesterday from the plane…

Last night (admittedly with the help of wine), I slept away from home without Ambien for the first time in years… somehow.

Today is a good day. ☀

(Also Brazilian food is SO GOOD, even the food that’s not Brazilian. I had the most divine grilled vegan bruschetta last night… how am I supposed to go back to stupid US food after this?)

Wife started a Tumblr for me where she reblogs only cute, happy, funny stuff that I’ll like (since I finally abandoned hellsite™️ myself but missed the fun parts).

My favorite part about scrolling through it is imagining the happy little face and squees she must have made when seeing the cute animals. ❤️