Wife is having a rough time lately. I hope she sees this and smiles. 🌹

Remember that time (which was now) when I knocked over the bottle of olive oil and somehow the glass shards launched themselves throughout three rooms admidst the expanding pool of oil.

”The only shard I wanna see after this is a nice Chardonnay,” I said.

”The only glass I wanna pick up is a glass of beer,” B said.

Then we went to pick up Peter Capaldi, and it was Matt Smith because the doofus didn’t know his doctors.

Well, here he is nonetheless, warding off intruders.


As a Kinsey 5-ish, I can’t claim this day, but I do offer much love and support for those who can.

Keep loving women, keep talking about your pussies, keep fighting the patriarchy, never let anyone guilt you into trying dick. Stay strong. 🌈

It’s fascinating to observe the different reactions to my haircut these past few weeks.

After years of having it long-ish (not a good look for ultra-thin straight hair and a pain to style), I recently cut it pixie-fauxhawk short, kinda like I had it in college. To be blunt, it makes me look very Gay™.

Women react with awe and respect. A sincere “I love it” is standard fare; their follow-up comments and questions carry a distinct undertone of, “I wish I had the nerve to do it.”

Men’s reactions have been mostly surprise and discomfort.


“It’s so… different.”

You mean not feminine? Not for your gaze? Not designed to arouse your dick? Gee, imagine.

Occasionally one will say they like it, but save for a few decent guys, it very much feels like they’re just being polite.

The difference is disturbingly palpable: most women react to it as an act of empowerment on behalf of our sex; most men react to it as a threat.

To that, I say mission accomplished.

“I don’t understand how feminists can support the idea that identifying male violence is contingent on whether or not the perpetrator consents to being identified male. Whether I consent to being identified female or not makes no difference to my experience of female oppression. It’s something done to me, not something I identify into. Males can use wordplay to render their violence unnameable, but females cannot use wordplay to render their oppression unexperienceable.”

-Victoria Smith

Like, the solution to eliminating patriarchy isn’t to pretend it doesn’t exist by allowing men to invade women’s spaces and stake claim to our lived reality.

The solution is to end patriarchy.

The solution is not to house males in women’s prisons and shelters on the basis of ~personal feels~; the solution is to eliminate male violence and the staggering “1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted” statistic. The rape rates, the murder rates, the domestic violence rates, and all the subtle psychological violence that the male sex inflicts upon us via the enforcement of social gender constructs. Eliminate the pressure for women to wear makeup. Eliminate sex trafficking. Eliminate the lack of access to safe birth control and reproductive healthcare. Eliminate misogynistic religions (aka all of them). ALL of these problems are caused and upheld by the male sex class.

My blood boils when a trans activist compares sex segregation (i.e. female safe spaces) to racial segregation. Women’s safe spaces were created to protect them from male oppression and violence. Our safe spaces were made necessary because your sex is full of violent misogynists. Wanna change that? Start fighting the violent misogynists instead of acting just like them.

Our problems AND yours are the result of patriarchy, so maybe start addressing and solving the problems caused by your own sex instead of telling us the problems don’t exist, or they they’re women’s fault. Stop fighting women who won’t suck your dick and start fighting the reasons we need feminism – that is the only action that will earn you a “place” in the women’s movement.

I swear, I have never seen an actual woman hate women as much as the men claiming to be women do. Incredible.

I am so woefully sick of gendershits spewing nonsense mantras like “sexual attraction is based on [some gender bullshit]” – can we please require Internet goons to take a basic linguistics course before opening their mouths?

Sexual ATTRACTION is based on whatever the hell is attractive to someone. Tallness, shortness, red hair, blue eyes, a cute laugh, a warm smile, a kind demeanor, a shared penchant for Xena fan fiction.

Sexual ORIENTATION describes the sex(es) to whom you are sexually attracted: male and/or female. Doing the math in a sexually dimorphic species, one is either homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, or asexual.

Attraction to some vague notion of “femininity” isn’t an “orientation.” It’s an attraction, or more accurately, a fetish.

Not synonyms. Not in need of “reexamining” or “unlearning.” Not ever.

The inevitable has happened. I knew it was only a matter of time, but I was hoping to avoid it a little longer.

Working 2.5 miles from the new baseball stadium, I’ve finally been sucked into a ballgame team outing. 😑

On behalf of all Tall Women, can ALL clothing stores please take a page from J.Crew’s book and start making “tall” shirt sizes? I’d rather JC not be my only viable shopping option bc like